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Paris Jeffcoat and Leanne Westlake founded One Eighty in 2017 in response to a number of youth suicides that were occurring on the Northern Beaches. In particular, it was the suicides of two young men - both of whom were in Paris’ cohort from the local high school - that catalysed the creation of the organisation.
Artwork by Nick Bentley

Artwork by Nick Bentley


We founded One Eighty because we knew that suicide was preventable. We wanted to see youth mental health done differently. At the time of founding the organisation, we weren’t really sure what this meant - or what this would look like - but we instinctively knew that something just wasn’t right with the way young people were interacting with mental health services. There was a clear stigma around mental illness and help seeking, and a distinct lack of services in the local area - the nearest headspace was over an hour away.

What was also clear to us, was that young people needed greater representation in the mental health sector. There needed to be a clear, youth voice, that agitated for change and worked with existing services to ensure available help was accessible and engaging for a diverse range of young people.

Run by young people, for young people, One Eighty fills this gap in Australia's current suicide prevention strategy. The organisation is leading the way for peer to peer models of community support, is raising the profile of exceptional existing services, and is reimagining what youth engagement in the NFP sector looks like.

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One Eighty’s vision is for a future free of youth suicide. To achieve this, we’re taking a grass roots, bottom-up approach, with a focus on prevention and early intervention. We work closely with the community, empowering people to make small but meaningful contributions to the prevention of youth suicide. Local fundraising efforts involving sports clubs or small businesses generate awareness for youth mental health and funds that go straight back into our programs. This local model boosts morale and can affect real change. One Eighty is bench testing this local model on the Northern Beaches, and once proven, seeks to roll out similar local models of support on a national scale.


Because suicide is preventable.



One Eighty is listed (and has a public fund listed) on the register of Harm Prevention Charities with the Australian Dep. of Social Services.  One Eighty holds Deductible Gift Recipient Status - 1 (DGR-1).

Like legal jargon? Read our constitution here, see our all official One Eighty documentation here, and recent governance documents here.

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It’s important to note that the organisation does not provide or offer clinical care, crisis intervention or other types of support delivered by medical professionals. If you need extra support, or have further questions about your own mental health, please do not hesitate to reach out to a trained professional at anytime (24/7) at Lifeline on 13 11 14. If you or someone you know know are in an emergency, or at immediate risk of harm to yourself or others, please contact emergency services on 000.