not your average mental health charity

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Basically, we're a bunch of twenty-somethings looking out for our mates on the beaches. Our initiative was born from a frustration at the lacking visibility and accessibility of mental health care in our area. And from the anger at losing too many friends to mental illness. One Eighty is youth mental health care and awareness done differently.

One Eighty is a registered Australian suicide prevention charity. In particular, we use early intervention to promote the prevention of youth suicide.

The organisation’s primary activity is to fund, develop and implement local projects that equip young adults with skills in mental health care. These projects engage through educational programs, mentoring support, and life-skills training. One Eighty is primarily led by a team of dedicated and passionate young adults, ensuring the charity’s vision and actions remain evidence based, outcome specific, relevant and accessible to local young people. One Eighty also works to support youth culture, to celebrate creativity and differences, and to encourage community participation on the Northern Beaches.

One Eighty is listed (and has a public fund listed) on the register of Harm Prevention Charities with the Australian Dep. of Social Services.  One Eighty holds Deductible Gift Recipient Status - 1 (DGR-1).

Like legal jargon? Read our constitution here and see our all official One Eighty documentation here


Our work in the community can be understood through the following 3 pillars:

1. Promoting SUPPORT services

We are increasing the visibility and accessibility of professional mental health services in the local area, and advocating for stronger youth representation in these services, through the following key actions:

- Finding and funding third party training and workshops such as Tomorrow Man
- Working with existing professional services
Online resources


We are changing the way young people approach, understand, and engage with mental illness; personal hardship; big, scary feelings; relationships and constructions of identity. Starting at home, we’re calling for a culture change in the rhetoric and actions around these ideas – ideas that establish a young person’s sense of self and self-worth – through the following:

- Development and implementation of Open Up
- Regular Shake It Up talk and workshop series
- Joint ventures with local school groups
Online blog that shares mental health related content 


In order to sustainably serve the needs of our local community, One Eighty as a charity needs to grow, find funding and local support, and remain visible and accessible. Currently, we do this through the following:

- Fundraising events and local sponsorship
- Community engagement and outreach events

It is important to remember that Open Up is a community support group, and not a professional mental health care service. If you need extra support, or have further questions about your own mental health, please do not hesitate to reach out to a trained professional at anytime (24/7) at Lifeline on 13 11 14. In cases of emergency, always call 000.