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July is nutrition month at One Eighty, so this edition of The Goods features a bunch of stuff about the connection between Mood and Food.



Whole foods Diet Potential Cure For Depression (Study) - Kale Brock

Deakin University has released trial data showing for the first time that improving diet quality can treat major depression. In this monumental study, the connection between mental health and diet, which has been known and talked about for years now, was confirmed. With 1 million Australians currently suffering from depression, and a further 2 million living with anxiety, this study could not have come at a better time.


Want to know more about the Mood and Food Centre at Deakin University and the connection between diet and mental health? 


What You Need To Know About The Blood Brain Barrier - Helen Padarin

So you quite possibly have heard of leaky gut, but have you heard of leaky brain?!



Psychology Of Food - Sammie Flook

Ever heard of the saying think with your gut not your head? This saying is not wrong, and this is why. During my studies, I was lucky enough to stumble across an elective called “Psychology of Food” - A whole segment looking at the link between our overall wellness and the habits in what we eat, why we eat,  how we feel from consuming the things we do, and furthermore how this connection has a big impact on our mental health. 



Poached Salmon With Zoodles - Scott Gooding


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