180 Seconds With Hunter


What’s the name you go by?

Hunter Key (full name is too long)

How old are you?

19 – mentally 12

How do you spend your time?

Working multiple jobs, university, photography, beach, and friends

What is a fear of yours?



Why did you join One Eighty?

I didn’t join One Eighty so much… I fell into it. I was approached in the month leading up to One Eighty’s launch to supply aerial and water clips for the promotional video. From that I was offered an opportunity to exhibit five of my favourite photos in One Eighty’s first public event. That led me to see the need for an organisation like One Eighty on the Northern Beaches. Since then I have been trying to help out wherever possible as I have personally lost and seen the effect of losing a mate to the black dog

hunter 3

Why do you think it’s important to talk about mental health?

For obvious reasons… no one should ever lose someone close to them nor should anyone lose their own personal mental health battle. No one ever wants to lose a friend and by talking about the state of our mental health, and the daily life struggles we go through, we can work through the issues and prevent the loss of more life

hunter 1

What are 3 of your favourite things to do?

Being in the ocean, drinking coffee, taking photos

Anything else you’d like to add?

Life is short and it’s the small moments in life, the moments of complete happiness, that remind us why we are here

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