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1. 17 'Small,' But Significant, Lifestyle Changes That Help People With Anxiety


While it’s easy — and understandable — to roll your eyes when someone offers a “miracle cure” for your anxiety (Yes! I have tried yoga! Thanks for asking!!), it’s also important to acknowledge this truth: There are day-to-day changes you can make that might help you manage your anxiety.


2. The Secret of Happy People


Harvard-trained researcher Shawn Achor shares his simple, achievable steps to diminish depression, increase joy, and shift our perspective to be more positive. Shawn brings to life his research on the science of happiness and the techniques of positive psychology.


3. Listening To Shame by Brene Brown

Shame is an unspoken epidemic, the secret behind many forms of broken behavior. Brené Brown, whose earlier talk on vulnerability became a viral hit, explores what can happen when people confront their shame head-on. Her own humor, humanity and vulnerability shine through every word.

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