community support


Say hello to our community support program: regular talks, educational workshops, training programs, and classes held throughout the year.


the philosophy

The philosophy behind our community support programs stems directly from the principles of community engagement for preventative health care. The World Health Organisation has stated that ‘communities can reduce risk and reinforce protective factors by providing social support to vulnerable individuals, engaging in follow-up care, raising awareness, fighting stigma and supporting those bereaved by suicide’. Taking initiative from this, these programs seeks to provide regular opportunities for people in our community to connect with each other, build and develop supportive relationships, and to learn and fight stigma together.


the stats

Over 25 free workshops held across the Northern Beaches

Over 550 men engaged at two Tomorrow Man community events

We fun Mental Health First Aid and Accidental Counsellor training so that community members can attend for free. So far over 60 people in the local community have been trained in either Lifeline Accidental Counsellor or Mental Health First Aid. We run these training courses once a quarter, if you would like to be notified of the next training session send us an email here.

Members of the community at Mental Health First Aid training.

Members of the community at Mental Health First Aid training.