community support


The philosophy behind our Community Support program stems directly from the principles of community engagement for preventative health care. The World Health Organisation has stated that “Whereas governments need to take a lead and develop and implement comprehensive multisectoral suicide prevention strategies, communities can incorporate and enhance these efforts with their local community needs, priorities and circumstances.”

Taking initiative from this, and in line with our model for change, our Community Support program seeks to provide safe and supportive spaces for young people to learn and practice how to connect and communicate about mental health, and develop interpersonal relationships. Additionally, the program is designed to build a community of young people who are equipped with the awareness, knowledge, and confidence to locate and access quality professional mental health services, and identify mental ill-health risk factors in themselves and others.

Under our Community Support program, One Eighty funds 3rd party training and workshop providers. We are currently funding: Mental Health First Aid, Lifeline Accidental Counsellor, and Tomorrow Man and Tomorrow Woman workshops.

Upcoming workshops

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the stats so far

Over 25 free workshops held across the Northern Beaches

Over 550 men engaged at two Tomorrow Man community events

We’ve funded Mental Health First Aid and Accidental Counsellor training for over 60 community members, meaning they attended the training and got accreditation with no out of pocket expenses. These training sessions are held once a quarter, if you would like to be notified of the next training session send us an email here.