leroy wiseman

leroy wiseman - program co-creator + principal facilitator

Mental health stigma smasher: Life is inherently challenging, but when you’re open with others about that, I think it gives them permission to let their guard down and do the same with you. We’ve lost enough people now, that I think it just makes sense to be open with each other about our common human experiences, and move forward by dealing with them together.

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anjali harris

ANJALI harris - Facilitator Mona VAle

Mental health stigma smasher: Talking was hard. I was going through a difficult time in my life where everything felt dark and as though I was caught up in a jail cell with four walls and no door. As soon as I started to talk slowly a door, two windows and a light appeared. I felt weak at first but then everything made sense - talking isn't weak.. it's just a massive sign of strength and a big weight off your chest. Talk. Don't allow the darkness to win, you are the light and you can beat it.


alex taylor


Mental health stigma smasher: Asking someone how they are and then asking them how they REALLY are. I find that asking a second time get’s a more authentic response from someone and more often than not it can open up a great conversation.

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joe khan

JOE khan - facilitator brookvale

Mental health stigma smasher: Don’t underestimate the power of following up on someone that opens up to you on a night out. Some people only know how to communicate that they are struggling after some beers and it’s an easy thing to shrug off as “emotional drunk” antics. Be brave, follow up with your mate when you’re both sober and encourage them to start the conversation. It might feel uncomfortable but to some people it means more than you could ever know.

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ry atkinson

RY atkinson - facilitator brookvale

Mental health stigma smasher: Don't be afraid to be straight up with someone. Ask the tough questions and be prepared for tough answers. Sometimes all someone needs is an invitation to be honest.

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bella kent

BELLA kent - facilitator brookvale

Mental health stigma smasher: Empathise, don’t ostracise! If someone is presenting signs of being mentally unwell, no matter how intense or difficult a situation may present itself to be, it’s so important to kick into gear and act rather than refrain from the confrontation. We are all human, and love and compassion goes miles when someone notices you mightn’t be doing too well. Be that person

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darby salter

DARBY salter - facilitator brookvale

Mental health stigma smasher: You do not need to be at your lowest to get help. That’s like waiting to get unfit before you start exercising. Rather than waiting to burnout or have a breakdown, start working on your mental fitness now.


scarlett jet


Mental health stigma smasher: Being vulnerable and honest is the strongest thing you can do. Pretending nothing is wrong and measuring your life by external standards of ‘success’, ‘beauty’, ‘masculinity/femininity’ is not true to your spirit, your incredible potential and the greatest thing that you are you and no one else.

Alex Herlihy photo.jpg

alex herlihy

Alex Herlihy - Facilitator Brookvale

Mental health stigma smasher: If you better understand and care for yourself, you can better support those around you. Sharing can be hard and uncomfortable but it is a real act of bravery, being authentic about how you are actually feeling is a great strength. It’s courageous to back yourself, to trust that the moment will pass and you will get through it. Taking time to talk about what’s really going on will never be a bad investment.

Huzzy Photo.jpg


HUzzy RODRIGUEZ - Mona Vale facilitator

Mental health stigma smasher: Don't get disheartened or give up if you reach out to a friend, family member or mental health professional and it doesn't work out! It's important to share your thoughts, feelings and emotions with the right person at the right time.