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One Eighty puts its money where its mouth is: we’re run by young people, for young people. In line with this, all members of senior management are under the age of 30.


Paris jeffcoat

Paris jeffcoat

CEO / Co-founder

Paris is a PhD candidate (Chemistry) at The University of Sydney, having graduated with a Bachelor of Science (Chemistry, Hons. I) and Bachelor of Arts (Film Studies) from The University of Sydney in 2018. She is currently on the Youth Research Council at Orygen, The National Centre of Excellence for Youth Mental Health, and is on the Executive Committee of the Avalon Youth Hub. She has worked for a number of years on public health policy as a Regulatory Scientist at The Department of Health, and was awarded the 2019 Young Citizen of Year from Northern Beaches Council for her work on One Eighty.


samantha callender

Samantha callender

COO / chairperson

Samantha recently graduated from her fourth year of Psychology (Hons. I) at Monash University, where she completed her thesis on childhood trauma and posttraumatic growth. She graduated with a Bachelor of Science, majoring in Psychology and the History and Philosophy of Science, from the University of Sydney in 2018. She has been involved with One Eighty since its inception in 2017. In addition to her role at One Eighty, she works as an Applied Behaviour Analysis Therapist for young children with Autism Spectrum Disorder.


jakob casella

jakob casella

PROGRAM manager

Jakob has a wealth of experience working in the community services sector coupled with four years of private practice a life coach. Jakob holds a Bachelor of Coaching from the Australian College of Applied Psychology and is accredited with the international coach federation at ACC level. Jakob is a passionate about nurturing young leaders to become confident ‘Open Up’ facilitators who support their peers and intervene early to ensure better mental health outcomes for the young people of Australia.


claire l’huede


volunteer Public Relations CoordinatoR

Mental health stigma smasher: To just listen and not judge! Just because you think and act one way, you should never undermine or invalidate another’s experience. People would be so much more willing to speak out if they weren’t so afraid of being judged


maddie walsh

maddie walsh

Events and community engagement intern


doug orchard


Events and community engagement intern