Friends of One Eighty


nick bentley


Nick is the graphic designer and artist behind the One Eighty logo!

“I’m a doodler. For as long as I can remember I’ve been drawing on everything, from my parents important work documents to textbooks, and more recently and permanently, on my own skin. Drawing is ingrained within me, and I can’t stop it. I support One Eighty because it’s run by likeminded individuals who have a no bullshit approach to mental health. Mental health issues are extremely prevalent in our community and having a group of peers supporting each other makes getting help or advice far more accessible and less threatening.”


anna kiernan


Anna is an amazing volunteer who has been with One Eighty since the beginning. Anna organises all of our very important merch + here if you need.

Mental health stigma smasher: Talking & Listening. Everyone has had different experiences, all which can help you tackle yours - whatever they may be in the future

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emma crump


Emma is an all round legend who has helped to make lots of things possible!

Mental health stigma smasher: Definitely talking openly about mental illnesses and asking questions about the things you don't know about them. The more you know the better you may understand.

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dylan grant


Dylan is one of our resident photographers!

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miki henry


Miki is one of our resident graphic designers!

Mental health stigma smasher: Get out doors and see the world

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lily hambling


Lily is one of our resident graphic designers!

Mental health stigma smasher + why you support 180: Show compassion for those with mental health struggles, whether you understand their situation or not... free hugs! And educate yourself - One Eighty provides such an important platform for learning about mental health, and a community of supportive people to chat to.