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In line with our model for change One Eighty’s School Support program is providing safe and supportive opportunities for young people to broaden their perspective on identity politics. This is in accordance with the NSW Department of Education’s Life Ready program, which promotes the development of “appropriate expression of thoughts, emotions and opinions, connecting with others, and respecting diversity.” Our School Support program also aligns with the Department’s effort to have students develop interpersonal communication skills, and build empathy for “others’ views, needs and circumstances”.



Under the School Support program, One Eighty funds 3rd party workshop providers. This approach has three key benefits:

  1. One Eighty has a great level of engagement with local young people. This means we know what young people want to be talking about and learning more about in the school environment. We can tailor the workshops offered to local schools based on this need.

  2. We can utilise the relationships and contacts that we have with Northern Beaches schools, allowing an exciting avenue for previously ‘out-of-area’ workshops to be brought to the beaches.

  3. One Eighty takes care of the costs associated with the workshop delivery. This means schools aren’t out of pocket, students or parents don’t need to pay any additional fees, AND workshop providers are still able to get paid for their work.



One Eighty currently partners with the following organisations as part of our School Support program:


Tomorrow Man and Tomorrow Woman workshops have been developed and are run by trained facilitators from Melbourne based company Tomorrow Architects. Their gender specific workshops for both community and school groups are focused on disrupting gender stereotypes and strengthening emotional muscle. Workshops at schools are run by trained facilitators from Tomorrow Man and work with groups of up to 30 students. One Eighty are proud to fund these workshops, bringing this exceptional service to the people on the Northern Beaches.

To date, One Eighty has funded Tomorrow Man + Tomorrow Woman workshops for students at Barrenjoey High School, Pittwater High School, Mater Maria, Narrabeen Sports High, Manly Selective, Davidson High School, and Balgowlah Boys High School.

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“Being from what they called ‘a privileged and beautiful’ part of Australia, they didn’t feel they had the right to express the impact this pressure was having on their wellbeing. The fear of being overly dramatic, judged or seen as ungrateful meant a lot of the young women were quietly struggling on their own. However, after a number of students were brave enough to lead the way by finding their voice and sharing their stories, the groups were able to recognise that they were not alone in the battles they face every day. For a lot of young women, this meant they walked out of the workshop feeling more connected, supported and appreciated by the group that can often be so quick to judge them. The young women were inspiring and courageous in their ability to share their truth and demand a better level of connection with each other.” - Devyn, Tomorrow Woman facilitator


want to partner with one eighty?

If you are a 3rd party workshop provider and would like to partner with One Eighty to bring your workshops to Northern Beaches schools, please email