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Grant application team

-          Research appropriate grants

-          Write/edit and submit applications

-          Follow application through process

-          Letters of community support

Fundraising team

-          Establish a program of major and minor fundraising activities i.e. Auction,

            5k walk/run, Paddle board race…

-          Gather local sponsors

-          Event management and planning of fundraising events

-          Manage and advertise One Eighty’s crowdfunding effort

-          Work with advertising and website teams to thank contributors/sponsors

-          Identify and/or establish possible trade avenues within organisation

Philanthropic donations

-          Preparing and presenting business pitches to potential philanthropic donors (may be corporates or individuals)

-          Follow donation through process

-          Work with advertising and website teams to thank donors

Advertising and Social media

-          Raise community awareness of the association and its programs: contacting local businesses, schools, organizations, council                       members

-          Plan traditional and social media advertising campaign

-          Manage social media accounts (link to website)

 Web site team

-       Develop separate site for Avalon space (link to BHS resource site and current One Eighty site)

-       Add pages to organisation Squarespace site - links to services etc.

-       Website and general IT maintenance and support

-       Develop app or mobile version


-       Overseeing and Managing other teams

-       Accounting: Xero program

-       Annual reports

-       Record keeping

-       Legal

-       Data analysis from surveys etc.

-       Email newsletter

Research team

-          Source and research services

-          Collating data

-          Data analysis

-          Writing and distributing surveys

 Program development team

-       Plan and develop programs (for both young people and adults) to run within the Avalon space: liaise with local businesses and organizations

-       Source professionals, artisans, educators to run programs within a budget

-       Work with health professionals to develop mental health program and resources

-       To develop mindful program schedule

Mentor Program

-       Develop core training program with local businesses and organizations

-       Liaise with external parties to develop more personalized education of training opportunities

-       Consider scholarship opportunities

Avalon Space

-       Scope spaces readily available via real estate agent

-       Design, fit out and equipment (approach local suppliers/makers for donations or discount)

-       Consult on partnering opportunities for on-site café etc

-       Consultation around sustainability

-       on site management: logistics of running, maintenance, staffing

 Membership team

-       Further discussion about a membership drive (Monthly trial?)

-       Approach sponsors (local businesses) for donations to a member ‘welcome

-       Source membership card supplier

-       Work with web team re: member log ins or workshop booking


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